As a psychologist it’s my passion making difference is others lives nothing is impossible,
I take every case as a challenge and change their lives. any mental health illness is a challenge
for me clinical knowledge. Apart from my clinical knowledge I do research for my clients. They get very good
results in return as well as in their relationships and I’m happy to save the ones in need.
help people to overcome with what they are going through mentally and I do
explore and help needy people.

Yes i do free campaigns, the reason behind is everyone is dealing with mental trauma there is
no age group and privileged people get opportunities to get treated, In rural areas people are not aware of their mental health health, i make sure that they get therapies and sessions in bangalore.
I have also conducted sessions for orphans, webinars for women (worldwide), I give my best to
make a difference .
I also understand that it is not easy going through a bad mental state.
I prefer taking for kids more, because that age group has more mental health issues due to their
past and present.

When i was at the age 10 my hobby was to write poems, and it slowly turned into my passion.
and now i chose to write about love, this word is a strong possibility and believe which connects you to all relationships. I write blogs about psychology and inspirational quotes this is one of my best experiences in life which i would like to share with you all.

Many of my clients were inspired and they did write their own books. My two books are SELF and THE LAST LOVE OCCUR Are worldwide published and readers are loving my book. I got very good response from my readers .

As a graduate of Landmark, my dream project was to open a school for underprivileged children. I worked on this dream. my team and i opened a school for underprivileged children we went door to door calling for kids, we faced many problems and we did learn to overcome my journey i learnt that it was not easy to archive what we want you will find many obstacles on your way, just keep your goal in mind and the never giving up spirit by this you can archive anything because we know everything will be worth it and the end will be beautiful.

I am honored to be a part of indian women history museum, i would love to see women standing for themselves i would love to help the ones who want to make their own identity to who they are.

vision high mental health wellness started (2016-to till date) which has free treatments, events and campaigns it is for everyone the underprivileged and orphans.we have a team and help them for therapies,group sessions,individual and social behavior activities which is very helpful for them.

I would like to thank my family,friends, clients and the one’s supported me to accomplished my goals, to everyone who believed and trusted in me to everyone’s blessings on me. 

We sometimes tend to ignore physical health which is wrong. both mental and physical health should be given the same importance , so please don’t ignore your mental health. and do not hesitate to share about your mental health to your friends or family it is nothing bad sharing it will make it easy for you instead of complicating things.